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Message Subject Tulsi Gabbard tells trump : trump is waiting for instructions from his Saudi master's and is making America into Saudi Arabia's bitch
Poster Handle tkwasny
Post Content
Jeez. She's still under the UCMJ. She can't say these things about her chain of command, never mind the CIC. Those are blatant violations under the UCMJ and she could get prison time after her courts martial.
 Quoting: tkwasny

He literally said he was waiting on instructions from the Saudi's . He SAID that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75359781

It doesn't matter what higher ranking officers say, including the CIC. Under the UCMJ you have no authority to speak out in a derogatory rendition or summation of your chain of commands comments. The armed forces is not a 1st amendment free institution. You don't seem to understand anything about the armed forces.
 Quoting: tkwasny

Nobody in the military will arrest tulsi because trump
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1683518

Her immediate chain of command is REQUIRED to place her on report for any observed violations of the UCMJ or else they themselves will be placed on report for dereliction of duty under the UCMJ.
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