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Message Subject QAnon is the anti-Christ and its followers are the cowardly QAnon army?
Poster Handle vVVv
Post Content
Trust The Plan plan literally says only 80% of the criminal politicians will be prosecuted to protect America’s image and that secret military tribunals are taking place that no one including the general public will ever be allowed to know about but those at the very top will not face prosecution because it could destroy America

Meaning the puppet masters walk free in exchange for not igniting a nuclear holocaust while the puppets take the fall for their puppet masters

Satan couldn’t have written a better ending himself
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76884288

You're so confused its amusing.

That was changed to 60/40 by Q. And you got it wrong anyway.

it was only @0% would be known and 80% would remain secret to protect humanity from itself!

Due to the deepstates tactic changes the revelations was changed to 60/40.

60% will remain hidden information and 40% known.

Where you get or got this ridiculous *0% wont be prosecuted is only more proof as to why this board wasn't chosen!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78013267

Thank you for validating my entire premise

I can’t believe you people take yourselves seriously

Like all that is more believable than the remote possibility the lifelong DEMOCRAT from NYC in the White House isn’t going to prosecute anybody because he is RINO

You tards will swallow anything like the bitches you are making excuses for a man
 Quoting: vVVv 76884288

Cue the “Trump isn’t a dictator” and “Trump can’t prosecute anybody” excuses

The President runs the EXECUTIVE BRANCH which grants him TITLE 50 AUTHORITY to launch drone strikes on US CITIZENS including CHILDREN just like Obama did

Especially considering this all involves HUMAN TRAFFICKING which falls under the jurisdiction of FEDERAL TERRORISM STATUTES

Human Trafficking also is the primary revenue of the DNC to thousands of SANCTUARY CITIES that are still allowed to exist on this President’s watch

Except none of you care because the thousands of women and children that are abused and trafficked to those SANCTUARY CITIES aren’t WHITE which is why you would rather chase your fucking tails on decades old Epstein trial evidence reconstituted during PIZZAGATE

But again please tell me how the government I worked for operates again

I’ll wait
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