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Message Subject QAnon is the anti-Christ and its followers are the cowardly QAnon army?
Poster Handle vVVv
Post Content
Despite your attempts you will ultimately fail.

Attention whore all you need to, eight chan was chosen for a reason.

GLP is a known!

Think about that! Or are you part of the operation?


Nobody escapes this!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78013267

Don’t be scared

That’s why most of us that are military are here

We weren’t afraid to walk into the lion’s den while you live on your knees worshipping your false Savior

You pussies expect us to believe you’re going to lead the charge in the reclamation of this Republic and you bitches are too afraid to even lead anyone on GLP

GLP is how we sort out the groupies from the ROCKSTARS

Now go fetch me a HOT POCKET your mom just made
 Quoting: vVVv 76347585

bullshit. glp just sorts out the selltou asskissers from the other selltou askissers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77424502

That’s rich considering you’re only even here because your Savior’s FBI raided 8 ch-an and brought it down because Obama’s SHADOW GOVERNMENT didn’t want you digging into their PUPPET’S connection to GHISLAINE MAXWELL which is why she is still free just like Bill Clinton with mountains of evidence from Mena to St. James

Why don’t you show me the tweets from our LAW and ORDER PRESIDENT being outraged over these 2 links?

[link to nypost.com (secure)]

Why won’t President Trump release the names of Epstein’s PUPPETMASTERS that are being protected by this Clinton appointed judge?

[link to imgur.com (secure)]

The silence is deafening
 Quoting: vVVv 76330668

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