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Subject US This / State Name That / Town Name Cleaners, etc... Are these owned by the masses?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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US Steel.... So this company is for the US? And by extension, it's Owned by everybody in the US... Makes sense to me. Of course. That's why it's named "US Steel". So everybody in the US gets a say on how this company is run? Wow!

StateName ConstructionCo. - This construction company has the state name in it's name... This means that everybody in said state owns this construction company...(?) The people of that state get to determine how big houses can be, the typical window brand and size... how much the employees make per hour... etc...

CityName Cleaners - Wow... a cleaner company for city x. So everybody in City X owns a little part of this cleaner company... correct? Anybody who works there- their salary is determined by a vote from everybody in the city- from options printed on a ballot? Operating hours... same thing? Everybody in that city decides when they are open and when they can close?

Seems right to me.


In reality... if people started to march into US Steel's offices to set stock share values, and to tell them where their steel plants should be, they would probably be laughed out of the building... Similar for the State named company and the CityName Cleaners business.

So why then, do they name these companies with these crzy names? What are they trying to convey? A fake sense of ownership and pride... of companies and businesses that: Never were Ours? Are not Ours now? And Never will be Ours?


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