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Message Subject Rosh Hashanah 2019: Start of the End Times (September 30 2019)
Poster Handle SEVENTH HEAD
Post Content
So eric , you are going to be prince william ,

And prince william is going to be you ,

Your soul will control the body of william

And william's sould will control your body , right ?

The question is this ... how would we know if that happen ?

Would you post something here or say something that will be recognized by us ?

I mean , how about while your soul will be in william body do an interview or something and give us a password or some hint to know for sure that the switch happend .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78032047

Actually, the whole present Cambridge family will be protected in heaven with their own bodies. But Eve and myself will look like Kate and William in NEW UPGRADED bodies, along with our new children, also in upgraded bodies.

You will know that it happened with time, unless the bodies changes will be too remarkable due to specific details. Besides, our royal duties will be focused on international matters, unlike the recent past years. At last, weird moves and decisions will be noted by the MSM.
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