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Truth about god and earth is rob peter to pay paul

Fuck yall
User ID: 2074345
United States
09/25/2019 07:39 PM
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Truth about god and earth is rob peter to pay paul
Ive lived my whole life and never been able to make ends meet.
Its impossible.ive tried,no matter what,something always breaks tears or gets stolen.
Ive tried and tried to help my.neighbors,my country,my family,my kids,my wife,myself.
Yet even now i have folks jammin up my phone,a government too lazy to fix a country i tried to save multiple times.s president that wont even recognize me for saving.
A man i gave multiple ideas to.
A congressman that wont even reply back after i got yall to fix phased array ,even though crime went down 30% nationwide.

Yall really suck!

My cars broke down and the work i did didnt fix it.
I got taxes on my land coming up and im broke and unemployed.
I cant even get my wifes ssi check because state wont recognize a valid id from another state!
Thus ssi office wont recognize her address.thus no ssi check just ss check.
Im starving and broke and we got politicians stealing via fraud our country dry.
When are we gonna hang hillary?
Just another shitty day in texas of rich robbing poor and calling it representative government!