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Message Subject IRONY: The Man Obsessed With Hillary Clinton’s Private Server Hid His Documents On A Secret System
Poster Handle Vicious Deplorable dollop
Post Content
Hillary Clinton couldn’t get away from the issue of a private email server in the 2016 election. Donald Trump said it was “bigger than Watergate” and she deserved to go to jail for it.

Now, Trump has been caught using a secret computer system ― a private server, if you will ― to hide his election interference attempts.

“Republicans have made it very clear that secret servers are a criminal offense,” said Jesse Ferguson, a Democratic strategist who served on the Clinton campaign. “Will they apply the same rules to Trump that they apply to everyone else?”

The whistleblower complaint from an unnamed intelligence official was released Thursday detailing attempts by the White House to cover up Trump’s wrongdoing.

On more than one occasion, White House officials put transcripts of Trump’s conversations into a “standalone computer system” that was meant for storing sensitive and classified intelligence information.

Officials were abusing that system, the letter says. They used it to protect politically sensitive conversations, rather than national security secrets. It’s the place they put the transcript of Trump’s conversation with the president of Ukraine when he asked for foreign help in going after former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Hiding this transcript was deliberate. According to the whistleblower’s letter, White House officials said they were “directed” by White House lawyers to move it there, away from the regular computer system that holds other call transcripts that are distributed to Cabinet-level officials.
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