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Message Subject A new method of accessing nonlinear cognition (including telepathy and precognition).
Poster Handle Ambient-Logician
Post Content
Dearest sister:)

Much to tell and much to ask..
But before anything else, i must ask you one small question..

Are you familiar with the work of a person called martin ball?
He speaks and writes about nondual experience under the influence of entheogens, namely 5meo-dmt..
Much if not all of what he wrote in his book "entheogenic liberation" resonates with what you are saying and with my own experience with these substances...(never tried 5meo-dmt, though..)

Pardon my one-tracked mindedness here, but for me, i feel this is a vital subject..
Much is happening to me lately..

I hope you are very well and happy, my dear friend. I think of you lovingly every day and send you love and light and gratitude..

With respect,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77189919

Welcome back brother. I am not consciously familiar with Martin Ball. I will examine him. Let me also adjust your language: nonduality is the rejection of absolute dualism, and is correct. But recognizing the oneness or monism in nonduality requires that we assert a self-duality.

[Mental processing object] <--> [Physical display object]: [Spiritual selves dualizing processors and displayers]

The duality is of mind and body: the self (in self-duality) is the spirit or GOD-structure.

What you are cultivating, nourishing, and refining is your GOD-structure, which is your unique summative spiritual connection (1-to-1 mapping) to the single infinity identity we call GOD. You are using entheogens to consciously access this infinite identity, and to the extent that you remain concentrated on opening your being to this identity, I strongly support your ventures and exploratory journeying.

I do, however, perceive a minor limitation in this entheogenic approach, and this limitation is one to which I fell prey when I was embarking on daily explorations of psychedelic space. This limitation is stated simply as "over-reliance" on the chemical catalyst, this being the entheogen itself. Imagine your journeys as alternations between "native" perception and "entheogenic" perception. In the latter case, you are mainly opening your perceptual syntax to astral influences. Yes, DMT is unique. When you feel ready, experience it. I suspect that in the future, the human world will integrate entheogens into food intake, recovery supplements, mental health "lubricants", and so forth. Meditate on your own seamless integration of entheogens.
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