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Message Subject Vegans are killing and eating plants that absorb C02 and prevent global warming.
Post Content
The vegan obsession with eating plants is creating a dangerous feedback loop that could lead to catastrophic runaway global warming.

Plants play a vital role in C02 absorbtion. Without plants the planet would look like Mars.

Despite this critical atmospheric role played by plants. Vegans have waged a selfish and self ingulgent war on the plant world.

Thread: BREAKING: Why are vegans obsessed with murdering and raping plants?

If all humans went vegan, how long until we had no atmosphere?

Plants are our greatest ally in the fight against climate change. Why not let them live? Let them grow? Let them absorb C02?

What do the plants give us in return? Oxygen. Every breath you take is because of the plants. Give the plants a break. Have some cheese or something.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78033161

Raising livestock is worse.

Your thread is obviously a joke.


There's really no way around it.

To eat dead flesh is to consume death / dead matter.

To eat living foods - plants / kombucha is to consume life.


You can't cut a cow's leg off and expect it to regrow.


you can cut a plants limb of and, sometimes, it will regrow.


Nice joke thread - OP! hf

 Quoting: Lizard King 20106489

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