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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle Blue State Rebel
Post Content
It's all the anti-white, genocidal agenda. If whites and blacks have kids, the kids are ALWAYS black. You never hear the product of such a union describe themselves as white - they always say they're black. White disappears. Both visually and socially. Blond hair/blue eyes....disappear. They're actively trying to get rid of us.

Why? Well, we're harder to control intellectually than other groups. We developed stronger concepts of individuality and self government and the basic rights of man than other races have. The elites want to wipe all that out. Others blame whites for all the evils of world wars and technology so their answer is not to improve technology, but to destroy the creators.

To those who say it's just about making blacks equal or as visible as whites in a culture that has demeaned them for generations - there might be some truth to that, but blacks are only about 13% of the population. On TV, they're at least 50% (just as gays are way over-represented).

Also, it would be far better to show INTACT BLACK FAMILIES with actual black fathers in their homes raising their kids. I do see these once in a while but far more often, it's the inter-racial couple. So the agenda is not to strengthen or empower black people or black families - it's to destroy WHITEY.
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