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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's what the Zionists want.

They are the reason for it.

They want Whites dead/gone/replaced.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75538004

But they ARE the whites, or were the whites that first bought slaves from black leaders of African tribes, for the Dutch East Indies Company. The Christians working for that company weren't the ones who began the slave trade.

In crime statistics, it's now black, white and Other as perpetrators. Whites are getting the credit for Latinos killing, so... Victims are many names - black, white, asian, latino, and so on.
 Quoting: TXGLP2

When sperm enter a womb what is their mission? Piracy, conquest, mating, etc.

Use sex ed knowledge to explain what tou are seeing. Alien and indigenous becomi g new life/body together. Just as we did in getting this body, we being the ones with the key to our own eggs/bottomless pits, and our legion of sperm who came with us, the rulers of the egg/world, while we went within and were transformed. Broning the dead in that womb LIFE, to be born out as 'the most high', bith like that from whence we came, and from whence we most recwntly resided.

Colonization looks criminal to the indigenous, always, but it is a necessary element of life propagation.

Change scale persepctice, and all is just the play by play of life froming in the womb/world, and what that looks like on the micro level we experience within this being/world.
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