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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle How do you solve a problem?
Post Content
We should start a policy of Not buying anything from a company that is attempting this form of brainwashing ...

Money always talks to businesses ...

If we keep saying this and do not buy their merchandising I expect they will change their adverts .

It is good to give people feedback ....

They may go along doing things that they think will help sales ..and maybe it does work on the newbies......

Are there more of them than the original population?

The policy of stopping people speaking their thoughts is backfiring ....and of course if people can not speak their truths they become angry and physical.

The dumb chicks in Parliament are just beginning to realise this ...dear of them ..they being so slow on the uptake ...who’d a thought it ?

Shock horror !

..and they thought they could subvert the will of the people ...

That is what comes of being dormice for the best part of 50 years .

They are still too stupid to work together and follow the will of the people .

boom , boom ...
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