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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle How do you solve a problem?
Post Content
In the programmes they are inappropriately placing black people .

I refuse to watch them as they are obviously just brain washing products .

I actually have at the moment anyway .....absolutely nothing against decently behaved black people ...

Criminals are another matter ...

The BBC is very guilty of this ...There were a few black people here in the past but not infesting everything .

It is giving a wrong impression to the young .

Telling lies is the sin ....

There will be payback ....

There was a time when there was prejudice against the Irish ....that has long gone without the interference from the idiot TV producers ..

It just happens over time as the invaders adapt to our culture .

It is forcing things down peoples’ throats that causes the trouble ...

Maybe they should have an A level in maths before they can be a TV producer ? .....Joke ...It May help the story lines...
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