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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it's not 'interracial'

there's no asians or mexicans

it's ALL black males with white females

every newscast, on every channel

is a white woman with a black man

with another white guy, playing the role of cuck

every ..single...one

because EVERy white guy you see in power, is a cuck, that is the initiation ritual for the elite. NOBODY gets into the insider rich class, unless you let a really, dark apish black have sex with your wife..AND your daughters.

you ask yourself, what the fuck is with all the incest porn, well

that's who runs the porn operations. people who fuck their own kids.

just look into these sex cults, these cults are LARGE and they teach incest.

and once you can say , 'well i'd do it with/to my OWN kids, then you have a right, to do it with others, without shame or guilt.

for them it's an obviously desirable trade off, swap. their kids love it anyways obviously, kids don't know any better,

anyways, this has been going on SOOO long, it's SOOO ingrained in the deep state power structure, you got 5th, 6th generation cucks. the great great grandchildren of cucks and homos and bisexuals running everything from president to dog catcher
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