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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle Vision Thing
Post Content
Black people only make up like 12-15% of the population, if that, yet they expect to be represented in the media 100% of the time or that call it racist.

CNN will often have entire panels made up of only black people.
 Quoting: Agent Kitty

I watched the Kentucky Derby on NBC and they had all these black football player types doing the commentary and then highlighting all these black celebrities in the fluff.

I think horse racing is making so many mistakes. You could have all the black people you want in the coverage, if they had something to do with the horses! It would be awesome if they would interview the black grooms, of which there are plenty.

Or why not do an extended piece on the history of horse racing in the US, historically all of the jockeys or almost all of them were black, it's very interesting history. Some black jockeys had win records that stand to this day and went on to become very successful trainers as well.

Instead they try to tie it in with big-money sports, which people probably turn to old-fashioned racing to get away from, and with hip hop street culture, which people also turn to racing to get away from.

And so by hyping the sport to try to pump it up, instead they put yet another nail in the coffin of horse racing.

Advice to NBC: focus on the HORSES that's why people turn on your lousy coverage of America's biggest races. Maybe you'll get some viewership and relevance back.
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