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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

But if you look at the trend over the last 100 years, it doesn't appear we care, at all. We only care about our material objects and shiny babbles that sway before our eyes.

If we are not resisting this and our newest generation is being brainwashed with such ease, even with some of the older generations getting into the game of self hatred, do we really deserve to survive?

If we were really superior, don't you think we would have fought back by now? If we were superior, there wouldn't be such a stigma against selective association.

You can have selective association and still treat everyone as being equal, just with different strengths and weaknesses that are determined by race.

For all of our civilization building and refined society, I don't think we would be the ones to survive an apocalypse. I would expect the jungle/nomads/aborigines to continue the human race.

Something just doesn't add up. Unless intelligence really isn't all it is made out to be.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71594995

you make interesting points but I don't want to answer everyone but focus on the bottom line here, it is this, do we want to continue to exist and see purpose in that at all? Also you did not read my premise nor comment on it either, I said that when pushed to the wall we do fight back.
 Quoting: Rosicrucian1 78035696

No, I read and thought about being forced at some point to defend ourselves and our way of life, but at this time I have to disagree.

Looking at history, we have been pawns for a while now. The only time it appears there was a rebellion, it was usually a setup by the oligarchs and as usual, we fell right in line with millions upon millions going through the sacrificial world wars.

We don't even try and protect our souls, our karma. Do not kill is wired into our being, but when some human says 'naw, you can kill it is all good...go kill in my name' we sign on the dotted line en masse.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71594995

okay I'm going deeper now.. the reality is that despite all the negativity.. and on GLP not their fault but as sounding board.. humanity overall has to believe they are still advancing and we are.. that is what prevents the war, the idea that things are still better.. even when shitty then being at war.. but when it becomes apparent that their is no other option then it is on!
 Quoting: Rosicrucian1 78035696

I agree, and when we consider where the different races originated from...... maybe this is more of a glactic mix of beings? for purposes of ........ whatever origignation we came from? I could see how the mix of beings would be a good thing in that way
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