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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle Loup Garou
Post Content
The most powerful families that run the world-
Without exception-
are fanatical about their bloodlines.

They intermarry, and bring in carefully screened top notch
recruits to strengthen their bloodlines. But PURITY is

As they program the rest of the world to meld and depopulate,
THEY wil be the last pure whites standing.

Any that remain outside their bloodlines will be dumbded down slaves and zero threat.

 Quoting: Trained Noticer

you got it.. they will be a royal breed apart from the rest of us.. communism and equality (racial equality), for us and wealth and power and separatism for them.

so who is shilling for what and which side do they see themselves on now?

remember, many will be duped as well, for the first rule of warfare is DECEPTION. Many will fight, many will serve but they will not be rewarded or saved or end up at the top of the heap..
 Quoting: Rosicrucian1 78035696

Godlike race with AI augumentation and robot limbs and slave race, racemixed dumb humans as sexslaves and servants, this is how I see it. World will split into two races.
There is no way godlike AI/robot augementation abilities will be given to the people as it would threat to wealth and power of the elites.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77848127

Lest we forget, TPTB want a cashless society, they are pushing greenhouse farming like aquaponics where it is all tightly controlled, just like the digital only currency.

TPTB would have complete control of us. They push for us to become ONE people, ONE religion, ONE Nation all controlled by the ONE.

No race, no gender, no births, no food, no currency and most importantly no GUNS or means to protect yourself from Tyranny.

year later
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