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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle oniongrass
Post Content

It's directly driven by WHO is making the creative decisions. Trust me on this. I am a creative director.

The film/advertising/media industry fancies itself as SO hip--so far out ahead of the neanderthals in the marketplace, they decide the reality all of us must drink in.

Here's HOW it works.

A company contracts with an agency to create an advertising campaign.

Household name Fortune 500 companies spend a lot on advertising.

The agency's hipster Creative Director (many times with a ridiculously inflated rep in the ad industry) puts together a concept to sell product--MAKING SURE TO HORSESHOE in politically progressive casting into it ( racially mixed couples is a very common one lately).

Then, with great *highly visible* ad pitch fanfare, during a choreographed, glossy luncheon in the corporate boardroom-- they present this SO CHIC contemporary creative treatment to the clients in full view of division directors, company execs, corporate officers etc---whoever might be in the orbit of this new campaign to drive revenue and brand.

ONCE THE AGENCY HAS PRESENTED THE WHITE DAD, BLACK MOM---BLACK DUDE, WHITE GIRLFRIEND--RACIALLY MIXED KIDS ETC--as the cast to depict the product scenarios they are launching....

....NO ONE in these companies would ever dream of raising a questioning peep about the racial mix.

Because they KNOW, if they do---someone at the agency will alert the leftist media that such and such well known brand does not want to show racially mixed families or couples.

There goes their brand reputation and stock price.

They are being systematically blackmailed.

Trust me on this. I've been in the middle of it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69236336

Sounds about right. Best thing for a viewer to do if they don't like it is to #walkaway.

Even that won't cause immediate change, because it's still forbidden to speak up about these things, and there is an expectation you'll take a financial loss to support "values".

But gradually and if done persistently it will apply pressure and cause pain within their ranks. Totally legally and with no risk to you.
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