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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
Maybe they can do a "mortgages for everyone" advert and have a racist couple moaning about the immigrants pushing the house prices up and the muslim family next door.

Could you imagine the horror on the libtards faces?
 Quoting: Human Garbage

Makes me think of flyers posted anonymously in public a few days ago in a small New England town containing the words, "Islam is right about women."

Liberals weren't sure the message offended them because it meant Sharia Law treated women as chattel or that it offended them because it pointed out the nature of Mohammed's religion.

This is the kind of idiocy - and willful or inadvertent inhumanity - you get when political principles rest on a bed of mindless liberal feelings instead of honesty, rationality, ethics and compassion.

That's why people need to finally understand - and be fearful of - the dark side of human nature embedded in leftist compulsions.

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