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Message Subject Why is nearly every commercial now interracial?
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
I hear you. We deal with lots of Social Justice Warriors on the client end. Look at that awful Gillette commercial. They don't give a damn about alienating 1/2 the country, because they live the bubble that looks down on those people and writes them off. And they get applauded by their fellow travelers for being so virtuous. Even the cratering sales of Gillette after that awful commercial didn't break through the bubble. They said it was because of (no pun intended) the growth of the bearded crowd, and things like $ shave club. They refused to believe - or even entertain the idea - that 1/2 of America suddenly hated Gillette because of the commercial.
 Quoting: First time poster 76943588

And notice how even in this thread, among many commentators, the liberalism/leftism of most of the people responsible for today's cultural, political lunacy is not mentioned or pointed out as a major culprit. Instead the subject of the race and gender of one another dominates many messages.

Too many people treat the subject of their own and other's ideology as akin to talking about bad breath or body odor.

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