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Must read! Communists attempted to overthrow America back in 1922!

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07/22/2007 06:46 PM
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Must read! Communists attempted to overthrow America back in 1922!
[link to www.questia.com]

Reds in America: The Present Status of the Revolutionary Movement in the U. S. Based on Documents Seized by the Authorities in the Raid upon the Convention of the Communist Party at Bridgman, Mich., Aug. 22, 1922

You have no idea to what lengths the communists are willing to go to usurp America.
Reds in America (pub. in 1924) layed it out for all to see.
So remarkable were the claims in this book, I had to have an original copy to see for myself. Sure enough, it is true.

The entire book is now availabe to read online at Questia.
The above link will take you to it.

It is now understandable why Jews were the first heads of the NAACP, and throughout the 20th century, were at the forefront of rebellions and revolutionary activities in the US..

Here is the beginning of Chapter Twelve.
It deals with how the Communists were going to use Black America to overthrow the government.

The Negro Program;
Future Plans Of Communists

The Communists' earliest program in the United States
included the use of the Negro masses in its campaign to bring about the overthrow of the government of this country by violence. This program recognized that the Negroes had many grievances, that race hatred was strong among them, and that they were easily inflamed to violence. Accordingly it was decided to use them in the great conspiracy. The Left Wing Socialists and the I.W.W., from which came the nucleus of the Communist party of America, had drawn no color line and had repeatedly urged the Negroes to meet violence with
violence, to "fight back," and to demand their "rights" of the government and of individual whites, with threats of uprisings unless these "rights" were granted.
Thus it was that the Negro program became one of the prime vicious plans of the Communists.

During the first year of organized activity by the Communists in the United States a great deal of attention was paid to the Negro question. A number of educated Negroes, most of them from Harvard, were found sufficiently
discontented and sufficiently unbalanced to make good Communists. They were enlisted in the work, and from that time on have been preaching violence on every occasion. The race riots of 1919 came at the height of this radicalism
among the Negroes, who were secretly supported and urged to greater violence by white Communists and the radical Negro leaders. The Communists made capital of these riots and the coincident racial feeling that was aroused. Soon after this, however, the Communist leaders turned to other features of the conspiracy against the government, and the interest of the mass of Negroes waned. But more recently the Communist leaders, acting under instructions from Moscow, have again turned their attention to this question, and their activities have resulted in renewed Communist expression by the Negroes, through their radical press and in committee work among them.

The Negroes came back from Europe, and from service in camps in this

"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because most people don't want to admit they don't have the courage to do anything about it.

Most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all." - Michael Rivero