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Message Subject Jesus is God
Poster Handle TheLordsServant
Post Content
TLS is trapped by knowledge of ancient Israeli culture, in co trast to his k knowledge of the world he lives in today.

The Hebrews would say, God begat a son.
I understand where they are coming from but I tell people, God created a body for himself. They understand that better because they're not fucking Hebrew!

But because the ancients speech and understanding was that if a being came forth from you it was your child, hence Jesus who claimed to proceed forth from God, thusly was and is the only begotten Son of God, a mere title and way of looking at what happened and understanding it with ancient perception.

Or, he is the fullness of God in bodily form, something the bi le says. Or, he is the image of the invisible God, something the bible says. Or, he is God as a man, something the bible says. Or, he is the uncreated-Creator, who is Jesus, in the body he made for himself, which is the body of Jesus, being 1 God with 1 personality, something I say to people, and they understand it because we're non-Hebrews.
 Quoting: Jesus is also the Father God

I'm not trapped by anything Festus.

I BELIEVE what Jesus said.

You take a mix of a few verses of what He said and mix them with a few verses of what others said to come to a twisted conclusion.

Yet you CANNOT get around these FACTS.

1. Jesus admitted to Peter that He was the "Son of the Living God". Period.

2. Jesus said He was "SENT". Sending requires authority. The Father has authority over the Son.

3. Jesus said He "learned from the Father" by both watching Him AND "being taught.

4. Jesus told Mary Magdalene that He was going to ascend to "My Father / My God". Put that together with "I will sit at the Father's Right Hand" - and you have 2 distinct BEINGS.

5. Jesus told Pilate that He was "born" to be King. Paul said Jesus was "firstborn of creation". Jesus speaks to the Father in John 17:3 stating that He was "with the Father before the world was".

Once you accept those FACTS, it's clear that when Jesus said "the Father and I are one", and when Paul said "image of the invisible God", that Jesus is of the same "substance" as the Father. "Cut from the same cloth" would be a close analogy, as would also the word "clone" comes to mind.

As the Son OF God, Jesus has IMMENSE powers. Yet He specifically told the Apostles "I've been GIVEN power over heaven and earth".

Given by whom? The Father!
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