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Message Subject LIFE: The Good Place
Poster Handle CUB4DK
Post Content
Remember someone mentioning this show (The Good Place) to me a year or so ago after a chat about my own beliefs etc- if you've not seen it then unfortunately this'll be a spoiler because the basic premise is that when people have died, they find themselves in the afterlife believing it to be Heaven.

As things unravel, turns out that it isn't Heaven at all, but rather an elaborate system of deception designed to exploit each person's core weaknesses, fears, and annoyances. It's a new form of personal torture, all wrapped up in a warm fuzzy bow.

Anyone familiar with the Gnostic conception of life on Earth can resonate with that- history is replete with examples of humans believing that life here on Earth was nothing more than amusement for 'the gods'...

The gods being the archons- who are also purported to rule over the afterlife (astral) realms... the sole purpose of which is energy generation and harvesting (via emotional manipulation).

It's an easy watching lightweight show perfect for the masses but exploring some pretty interesting philosophical concepts when you scratch down into it.

For sure that's how my life feels at times lol.

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