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Message Subject What is anomaly?
Poster Handle Anomaly75
Post Content
Anomaly's are those who think very differently than the group or collective. Anomaly's represent a very small portion of the population and are naturally targeted by TPTB and therefore suffer throughout life.

Some anomalies think quicker than others, and can survive against all odds.
It is the anomaly who wakes up and strengthens himself through self
developed survival, which becomes the great threat to all TPTB and their doings.
All Anomalies develop throughout their lives as an ongoing process. Time is on the side of all Anomalies and their development.

The problem….

The Anomaly that that thinks quickest,..is also the most elusive and
also the most pissed off Mother Fucker the world has known.

At this time,.. no one off the street could even approach him,,..the rage is apparent.stoner
 Quoting: CUB4DK 77998032

True. Excellent assessment of our current global climate.
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