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Message Subject What is anomaly?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The kalki spirit archetype essence.

The spirit that defies the system, sees through the haze, exposes falsehoods and triggers implosions of corruption.

Pulling the rug out from underneath that which must have the rug pulled out from underneath - it's the purpose for the rug being there in the first place.

Building the muscles of right vs wrong and taking the worst of the worst and listening to your heart and through magic, synchronicities, our ancestors, collective unconscious humanity and a host of other russian nesting dolls - it all plays out as it always does.

This is the training simulator for the real thing that is also not the real thing - to take even the simulated versions all into account as well!

Put into amnesia to see if the true core spirit and heart / mind discernment is still intact even in worst case scenarios.

This way nature / evolution can take all of this into account to inform the overall evolutionary stream.

The snake eating its own tail, the dualistic warring brothers - though still family - the dominoes that set themselves up by falling over and fall over after being set up ;) ;)

It is a whisper, it is silence, it is loudness, it is starlight, darkness, the mother, the father, will power, determination, david vs. goliath, the perfected unharmed christ, the buddha, krishna, kalki.

Everyone and everything yet nobody and nothing. Together at last for a final universal dance...

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