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Message Subject Just got back from Dukes of Hazzard event w 50 vehicles flying the Rebel flag from Nashville to Pigeon Forge
Poster Handle Jeff_43
Post Content
5 stars! I grew up watching DOH.

I bet this was cool to see. Need something to balance out the pride parades
 Quoting: StellaBlue

It was a blast. Tom Wopat was in Pigeon Forge and Byron Cherry (Coy Vance) was in the convoy with us n hes personal general.
People were out waving and taking pictures.
They would pass us up and pull ahead far enough to pull over and stop so they cold film us. 95% of the people were friendly including lots of black people. I saw one car with black people in it flipping off one of the guys in a General but most of the people that acted butthurt were white women with Crayola hair. What is it with these women? few weeks ago in Pigeon Forge at a car show I saw one trying to rip a rebel flag off a mans truck because it "offended" her. That did not end well when the dudes girlfriend busted the blue haired freaks nose.
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