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Message Subject It looks like Obama on his most recent Tweet is Signaling a Message: "Red Dawn
Poster Handle Agent MIB
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Frankly we had the VC wrecked, Phoenix ruined their ops channels, we could have seen how far they were willing to push their own hapless troop. But state side hippie shitcommies and colleges cost us many American lives. Bill Ayres and them. Hillary also.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69785662

I'm not as much a Vietnam War history expert as I am with the WW2 Pacific Theater. I know of the Phoenix Program. My father served TDY as a Liason Officer at Clark AFB.

My father is a retired USAF Korean and Vietnam War vet. He told me that he flew missions in C-130 transports and AC-130 Spectre gunships. On the latter, he was Navigator and Operator of the "Surprise Package", an early version of night vision and FLIR. He could pickup the heat signatures of VC along the "Ho Chi Minh Trail". They would orbit above 10,000 ft out of range of SA-7's. Then just unload on VC with their miniguns, 20mm cannons and 40mm bofors. Later on, he was recruited by Air America. When we watched the movie of same name starring Mel Gibson, he laughed because crazy stuff like that actually happened.

I've heard the same about the movie "American Made" starring Tom Cruise. It's a story about Barry Seal, a CIA contractor who flew blackops throughout Central/South America. They were based in Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was Governor.

Coincidentally, my father officially retired from the USAF around 1976 at Little Rock AFB. Before Clinton was Governor.
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