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Message Subject It looks like Obama on his most recent Tweet is Signaling a Message: "Red Dawn
Poster Handle Deplorable Zenobia
Post Content
Sleeper Cells. Obama let them in to train in the USA. They're ready to go. Did Berry just signal them???

If I still had little kids I'd keep them home from school for the next while just in case. William Forstchen wrote a book about a sleeper cell taking over a school and slaughtering the little kids. He's a historian and also wrote One Second After.

Day of Wrath, how 100 terrorists could shut down America in a few hours.
 Quoting: Annie Oakley

I like the way you're thinking here Annie. Everyone is so preoccupied with the southern border. Meanwhile.. we have barry II doing Lord knows what in Canada with a wide open border.

I was suspicious decades ago when all the gas stations, convenient stores, motels etc were owned and operated by non Americans. No one was interested in hearing about it.
 Quoting: Evangelina

G'morning, ladies!! Glad to see y'all talkin' about the most likely scenario of guerrilla warfare to be rolled out shoon, I suspect.

Members of my family have always bandied about military psych ops, history, etc. Scenarios such as Forstchen's is just one of many discussed.

No matter what manner of Doom (man made or force of nature), sad fact remains that 90%+ will not survive. Our species is too soft, too dumbed down, etc.

Wow...Monday a.m. doom...think I'll fix another pot of coffee.
 Quoting: Deplorable Zenobia

Good Morning!

The thing about sleeper cell scenarios that Forstchen highlighted in that book is that they go for double the damage. In Day of Wrath they also had the highway staked out near the school, and as all the parents rushed to the school they picked them off too and anybody else who was on the highway. Max kill per scenario.
 Quoting: Annie Oakley

Yep, am familiar w/ said scenario. Mr. Forstchen and I have mutual friends since he's not far from me in NC.

What's unfortunate is that there is a rapidly diminishing of rural folks who would go all Swayze-like in Next of Kin if any kind of terrorist shit went down.

Putting oneself in a devious terrorist mind frame, no fucking wonder I keep my happy ass self on my rural farm.
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