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Message Subject Super high blood pressure, any suggestions? Remedies?
Poster Handle BirdMom
Post Content
Definitely go to a doctor for treatment so you don't stroke out or something, but then work on your lifestyle habits so that you can get off of the meds.

My husband was able to get off his BP meds (and diabetes meds) by eating a whole-foods, low-sugar diet with lots of veggies and oily fish, getting exercise by swimming and walking, and cutting his alcohol consumption. He lost a lot of weight, which had really been the problem.

Cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric (consumed with black pepper and a fat), omega 3, CoQ10, and magnesium (not magnesium oxide) are all great. (I took magnesium citrate for other reasons, but then noticed that my blood pressure dropped, though my BP was never high.) Also, B Vitamins reduce stress. We get our B Vitamins from nutritional yeast.

Weaning off of BP meds can be a small ordeal. Be prepared for dizziness or even fainting. Keeps close tabs on your BP as you lose weight/get healthier while still taking the meds. Go to your doctor if your BP drops below normal to get your meds readjusted until you're off of them, then keep living a healthy lifestyle. It's doable. Good luck!
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