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Message Subject What happens after we die?
Poster Handle MaybeTrollingUAgain
Post Content
After death, your whole body begins to rot. In a couple months, only your bones are left and a couple years, only dust. The matter is recycled and will end up feeding plants which will eventually be fed to another living creature and the cycle is repeated.

There is nothing beyond that. There is only this life, this chance, this one opportunity. Don't waste it waiting for a possible reward. Make the difference now, now is the time you have.
 Quoting: MaybeTrollingUAgain

In that case it doesn't matter. The people you help will be dust too. So there would be no point. The little bit of good you do would be gone.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77819985

Yes, existence is finite. If you are only willing to do good for a reward, you're automatically a bad person. I know its difficult to understand that one should do good for the sake of it without expecting a reward.

Life doesn't have to have a "point". Life is the range of time between you're birth and you're death. Do as a good as you can in the range of time, be as best as you can in this range of time, without expecting for any reward, just for the sake of doing what is right and good.

I know also that for most fanatics this though is unbearable.
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