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Message Subject What happens after we die?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We're dead forever. Make the most of your one short lifetime on earth. Try to do some good.
 Quoting: dogman17

Maybe it's your outlook that makes you so contrary.
You say "try to do some good", yet you troll this place ceaselessly.

If you suddenly discovered that we continue on after this life, would it change your behavior? Most NDEers , after having gone through the life review are usually changed forever.
Some people have to learn through punishment while others, more intelligent, learn by watching.
 Quoting: Pilgrim001

Threat plus insult to intelligence. Most of us learned by watching that the people who do the punishing are better at neutralizing threats from victims who realize the punishers never actually stop bad things from happening to people, but only exist to protect the system. At that point, why care about anyone?
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