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Civil Unrest, Impeachment, war in the middle east

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1237564
United States
10/08/2019 01:49 PM
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Civil Unrest, Impeachment, war in the middle east
Where to start, lets me list the ways:

1. What happened to all the Pedo stuff, Comet Ping Pong, Lolita express, Peanut sauce, Pizza, and all of the email revaluations? supposedly the video of Shillery, And her lackey Huma is about todrop, and we will get to see those scumbags torture and murder that little girl down in the basement of the pizza place, about time I say, but nobody will believe it.

2. all of the corruption ion the voting process and how there was blatant fraud, lies, cheating, and intimidation, not to mention all those ballot stuffing we had video for of them blatantly doing this. Also the Black panthers and their shit -foolery at the polling stations. What happened to tracking down and punishing these scumbags.

3. I am still waiting for all of the arrests we where promised ( MI still am keeping faith) none of us care who it effects, what companies it takes dowm, which actors we lose, and who gets Clinton-acided, I was of the mind, that a real hero patriot would reveal ALL of it no matter if it catches that person too, a love act of sacrifice and patriotism in the name of making this country great. I really thought there would be criminal politicians hanging from freeway over passes by now.

4. Antifa, how come we are still suffering these scumbags, why is it not open season on these douche bags yet, are we going to let these fucks keep doing what there are doing, getting smarter, better trained, and more organized and militant? why are we not rooting these vermin out in every corner and either correcting them with fists to there face or locking them away in the mental institutions they need to be in.

5. Why is Cannabis not completely legal now, there are just a few states left still in the dark ages keeping it illegal, mostly for political reasons, whether to just be opposed to the others party, or just plain stubborn and keeping that "old person"retard mentality "Aint nobody gona have fun on my watch!" crap per say.

6. Why is that we are still in the dark about the pre-flood civilization when we all know the truth, why are we still being lied to about pre-flood giants that we all know existed, why are the preflood advanced civilizations, giants, and pre-adamites still a secret when its all pout there.

7. why is it us patriots have not stood up yet, organized and challenged Antifa and the left, why have we not meat them in the streets and finish this once and fro all.

8. whats up with this middle east crap, lets get this started and send our missiles flying, Iran has been a pain for a while, even if we are the cause of their current situation and civilian climate, pushing them to extremism long ago, why haven't we just marched on them and shut them up once and for all, along with another middle east dipshit wanting to give it a try, we all know Russia is broke and cant afford to support their millitary at this moment, but are hiding it.

What are we waiting for, all these FF's, we know whos doing it, all these missing kids we know whos eating killing and eating them, all this misisng money we know who sepnt it and where it went, all of the talk of secret space forces, when we know their up there, all of the advanced tech that the whole world knows is 20 years behind what we really have. all of this shit crap bullshit the left is pulling for nothing, and wasting time and money on a nothing burger, we all know who perpetrates these FF and kills us, we all have the proof that Padock didnt shoot up Vegas and it was out guys from helicopters and upper windows we all know and the proof is out there but we havnt done a thing.

I shake my head at all of you and those around me, done nothing, even I have done nothing. Zombies staring at your phones, chomping at the bit for the next Potter movie, or masked singer, next IPhone, next bachelor, I rage at the fact that we created this country by standing up to thieves and villains as patriots for way less on the face of way less evidence and still we do nothing.

I love this country I love our constitution I love our American way of life, but no matter how much I love it I watch as you let Skuzlums take over whole parts of America and you all just nod your heads and let it happen, where are the pitchforks, where are the torches, why are you not burning these camps down, why are you letting clerics set up Sharia courts on our lands?

Then there is the impeachment crap, why are we letting these left scumbags get away with this bullshit, we all know there is nothing but we still sit around our T.V.s and watch these fucknews reporters push this narrative and cheer on other scumbags in office waste our money and keep attacking our Patriotic president and keep him from making this country as great as it could be if he was able to do his work, why are there not patriots outside these office demanding these scumbags get sacked.

Please let them impeach, maybe then you'll all get of your asses and take to the street and reset this fuck-shit-crap we have been letting go on for too long.

I am not a doom person, but the way things have been going, the bullying we have been put through the theft and brighter days that have been stolen from us by these scumbags, the left, Antifa, LGBTQ and all the rest, has gotten me to a point to where I am asking these questions, wondering why, whats is stopping all of you from standing up and taking our nation back from the enemies within. I will never lone g-man myself EVER! but if we mobilized and organized and had clear goals and outcomes we need I would be all about joining other patriots in taking back out nation.

I dont really have a direction with this rant just a lot of questions and points that make me say WTF!
Where are all the patriots at?

User ID: 77119763
United States
10/08/2019 02:31 PM

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Re: Civil Unrest, Impeachment, war in the middle east
Two out of three ain't bad OP.