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Message Subject Arizona man shoots himself in face after firing at ceiling trying to quiet upstairs neighbors!
Poster Handle XeroGravity
Post Content
Or taken batter aim, I bet it was the scumbags that lived above me down in south Phoenix, rented initially claiming it was just her (the grandma) and her 3 small children foster kids.

which turned into her drug dealing ex-con son in-law and his relatives, their kids, then a few of their crack head friends ,who would all run back and forth all night long. then sit out on their patio and throw cig butts down on our stuff, pour water on our stuff. leave the gate open every time they went in and our, parked wherever they wanted and had their friends park wherever they wanted.

Yeah a few times I pointed my guns up at them just a hairs breath away from pulling the trigger.

Except it was way more fun sitting outside with my pistol on the table giving them the finger daring them to say something, more fun confronting them on the stairs by myself calling out their crack head gangster to do something and letting them know if they dont settle down there would be an issue, they never said shit just walked past heads down, I could get them to settle down for about a week or so.

I bet it was these scumbags the very same ones, guess the race and color I dare you...

if you knew or had to put up with these scumbags you would be putting lead through the ceiling too, so the whole mind your business crap can suck a fat one unless you have lived below a herd of crack elephants yourself then you dont know...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1237564

Phtpht. This a shareblue poster? Gotta be... don't spend that tree fiddy all in one place pal.

Watch... same guy will be pointing to this crackpot diatribe in an SJW forum demanding red flag laws.

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