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Message Subject So........ I made this video on 666
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I see "666" every single day. Today, I went to fix a circuit breaker on the house and had to turn power off to whole house. The digital readout on the meter read: 1666... when I turned the power back on. Yeah, every day.

I think it is code from my "programmer" in this simulation. Like: "Bro, this is all a simulation." Like I am being told without telling me. I see 666 more than any other number. I don't see 222 or 444 or 888... but I see 666 over and over.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76885957

yeah that's why i was so interested in it too.

it was more than just masons or whoever, kabbalists putting it everywhere.

it seemed like it was coming up in places that, could not have been put there by any human agency, i mean some sort of super mind, god is doing it

probably just to confuse or frighten people, they live on fear

I dont suppose it could be a good thing,

i've wondered if it's on all the good things, because God is saying 'I'm God, and I'm not Jesus', jesus is not the god of this world, and the god of this world, in fact, doesn't like Judaism because it's a con and a sham and any decent sane human should abhor such a crass , ridiculous vulgar mockery of the human soul

but I still love christians, what they believe, what they say, is virtually meaningless if they smile and greet you and make you feel good. or help you out.

never really gotten much actual practical help from Christianity but it's the thought that counts
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