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Message Subject Attention Bay Area Liberals! THE PURGE Power Outage Begins At Midnight Tonight! Enjoy the benefits of Liberalism!
Poster Handle Flying Elvii
Post Content
And remember, no candles, they produce carbon. Or oil lamps. Flashlights okay, post your looting tips. Good luck charging your phone.
 Quoting: Billxam, ABATE, AWHA

Many Cell towers will be out of power in 48 hours, unless they bring in EVIL, CARBON POWERED GENERATORS...
 Quoting: Flying Elvii

I live in Bay Area, bout 82 degrees slight breeze on and off... not windy by any stretch of the imagination...

typical October Indian Summer ...PG&E is so full of sh*t...

follow the $$$$$$$ if ya really want to know why they are doin' this...

 Quoting: Haymitch Abernathy 19353379

82 is a cool day in the South. You will survive. Open your windows. Do your part to be Green! It's your first taste of AOC's green new deal!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78034989

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