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Message Subject Attention Bay Area Liberals! THE PURGE Power Outage Begins At Midnight Tonight! Enjoy the benefits of Liberalism!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Trump's just about ready to move the National Guard into Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento to occupy California and relieve the state of its current political administrators under the premise that California is in the throws of an officially ignored and completely unaddressed massive public health emergency for outbreaks of plague, typhus, hepatitis A, tuberculosis, and leprosy.

The second reason for sending in the National Guard is because the state of California has been in open rebellion against the Union, ignoring federal statutes at its own choosing for years, until its continued Seditious political Leadership has finally succeeded in remaking California into a huge National Security threat to the continued existence of the Union.

A third reason for sending in the National Guard is to prevent California from being pressured by the Chinese with shepherding by the United Nations and the Pope to secede from the Union to form the new Nation of California, which already opened its embassy in Moscow in 2016.

Trump will likely take care of the situation by reforming California from some of its existing regions under new political leadership - possibly militarily administered for a time - AND also gathering the remaining existing regions into a new 51st state of New California under Governor Paul Preston.

Listen to Paul Preston's thoughts on the subject on the following video.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78058614

The democrats sold California to China Long Ago.


SACRAMENTO – Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Chinese leaders today. They want to buy California.

California is going bankrupt and according to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger there is no turning back. “We tried everything. We have no money. We must come up with creative solutions to save the state,” the Governor told reporters.

California is a complete and total economic disaster area. The state government of California is projected to have a budget deficit of at least 19 billion dollars this year, and next year the budget gap is projected to grow to 37 billion dollars. To put that in perspective, the entire budget for the government of California is only about $125 billion per year. Already, California’s credit rating is the lowest of all 50 states, and going lower.

“It’s over,” said State Senator Warren Pool of San Jose.

How is California going to get the cash it needs to survive?


[link to weeklyworldnews.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77903754

that's why he wasn't re-elected.
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