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Message Subject NBA should fire both Adam Silver and Daryl Morey for being stupid and got NBA banned from China for good
Poster Handle tibetbill
Post Content
Just like anything else which goes sideways in China, the NBA successfully fucked themselves out of $4 billion a year from China. Prepare for the CBA. No not the Continental Basketball Association, but the Chinese Basketball Association or the PBA, the People's Basketball Association.

The CCP will just nationalize the NBA teams in China and keep right on going. Only difference is that they will no longer be sending any of the revenue back to the US.

What is the NBA going to do sue them? This loss is nearly half of their yearly US revenue which would amount to free or found money for them. With a declining fan base, high player salaries, they are heading in the same direction as the NFL. They have high hope someone like Zion Williamson will bring back fans, but I would not sleep well at night if he was all that I had in the hole to put fans in the stands.

This is not said against him. But when you hear them talk, especially about something other than basketball, you can tell what kind of education they received at college. A bunch of stupid fucking jocks who were only at college to play sports. Some of the ones who were interviewed were as embarrassing to watch them spill shit out of their mouth as when the NBA had to hire tutors to get, hell, I can't even remember his name now. The real tall skinny kid from Virginia. His language skills stunk so bad that they could not put him in from of a camera again until he learned how to speak in complete sentences. I want to say Moses Malone. He could play basketball but a real moron.

Doesn't matter anymore. NBA got what they deserve. I am not saying this to shit on the protesters in HK, but the imbeciles in the NBA think that they can say and do what they want. One thing that we do know is that the dumbasses from UCLA who robbed sunglasses from a shopping mall in China basically owe their lives to Donald Trump. They would have spent at least ten years in a Chinese prison and probably not lived through the experience. Then return to the US and talk shit the way that they did. They better hope that they never try to return to China. Knowing the Chinese, they would probably approve their entry visa and allow them into the country only to be arrested when they get off the plane.

China just gave their GNP a $4 billion dollar raise.
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