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Message Subject NBA should fire both Adam Silver and Daryl Morey for being stupid and got NBA banned from China for good
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
China banned Houston Rocket after its manager Daryl Morey supported Hong Kong's protesters. Then that stupid bald muthafucka Adam Silver has to come out and say NBA shall not apologize for Morey.

How stupid is Adam Silver? He should just remain quiet. By speaking out and say NBA shall not apologize, this means you also supported Morey's view. Then of course China would ban the entire NBA. He made this incident 100 times worse than before.

I own a Japanese restaurant. If a Chinese customer comes to eat my sushi, I won't say to that Chinese customer "Japanese food is so much better than Chinese food."

I am just a sushi chef. My job is to make sushi.

And Daryl Morey and Adam Silver are just business people. Their job is to make money for NBA. Nobody is asking them for their sensitive political point of view. When they support Hong Kong protesters, they are saying they support independence of Hong Kong,, which is exactly what those young Hong Kong protesters are demanding.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60190775

The NBA boycotted North Carolina for several years because they had the gall to make a law that said boys use the boys room and girls use the girls room.

They pride themselves on being the politically wokest sports league.

The NBA all around fucked this one up, and not because of this. They had an opportunity to back freedom and principled American values of liberty, and they chose communist tyranny instead.
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