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Message Subject NBA should fire both Adam Silver and Daryl Morey for being stupid and got NBA banned from China for good
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fuckers are so conditioned to virtue signal.

Guess what? They have no clue what China is. China is a race. It's a billion Han Chinese folks. But you see, stupid Americans have been propagandized and brainwashed into believing communists are "diverse". Well guess what? They aren't.

So the knee jerk virtue signalling has now real value outside the USA black Supremacy' narrative.

They weren't even virtue signalling from the perspective of being pro-American. It was pure knee jerk BS from the view point that it somehow will hurt Donald Trump. Well guess what again? It doesn't hurt Trump. It only hurts the NBA and Hong Kong in the long term.

Corporate America really needs a sit-down where someone tells them the racial reality of the world. And not the fantasy land of fake narratives meant to destabilize white Anglo Americans... That shit don't travel well when applied to enemy races. And yes there are enemy races everywhere.
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