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Message Subject How Would You Tempt The Devil ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
if you want to talk to satan do reverse speach,

speak into a microphone and record it using audacity,

ask to speak to satan, call out to him multiple times and ask to talk, ask what he wants etc, get creative with the questions,

reverse the audio in audacity, you may need to slow it down a bit to hear the reversals,

use the computer notepad and headphones, write down all of what you hear even if the words are not exact, more listening may reveal more,

save the notepad file

save the audio either as an audacity project or as an mp3 using lame convertor in audacity

there you go, you have just conversed with the real satan, follow up with new reverse speach go back and forth, ask more etc, tell him what you want etc.

yes i have done this myself and it works

disclaimer - reverse speach is dangerous, you may get death threats come through, the spirits and beings speaking in these reversals can potentially kill you irl if they want to.

reverse speach is not the universal mind as some say, it is actually channeling very specific unique beings / people to come through and talk to you...

you can channel spirits, aliens, gods etc
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