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Message Subject That moment when John Roberts finally realizes, Trump is indeed a Stable Genius.
Poster Handle Redcat1
Post Content
This is what myself & so may others have been saying all along... he's playing them right into a trap.

The man is the King of all Trolls...

Remember this?


#EndorseThis: ‘We Got Played, Again’ — Media Furious After Trump’s Birther Press Conference

Matt Shuham September 16, 2016

[link to www.nationalmemo.com (secure)]


[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

 Quoting: ScrumpTheTexan

Talk about the MSM covering when it came to this issue.

Trump forces out the Long Form Birth Certificate or LFBC. But its real name shoul be "Laughably Fake Birth Certificate".

Unlike the original fake that was not too bad, this one was thrown together and terrible. A digital monstrosity.

But the MSM swooped in provided cover, swooning over this new 'document'.
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