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Message Subject Survey finds that 25% of Americans not only don't vegetables but have never eaten vegetables
Poster Handle HEBGB
Post Content
Vegetables are unnatural and unhealthy for humans. We cannot digest fiber.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77386563

Humans cannot digest animal proteins unless they are cooked. (We're not wolves) Same with cellulose that encases the cells of plants we eat. (We're not cows or birds) How did humans ever develop to the point where most everything MUST be cooked to extract maximum or ideal nutrition?
 Quoting: tkwasny

The human lack of fur is most likely an adaptation for the use of fire and cooking food. An incident which would cause a minor burn to a human would most likely light a Neanderthal or other hominid up like a torch and fry him.

Humans are basically aquatic mammals. The original human diet would have been some combination of shellfish, fish, and fruit and, as you note, the fish and shellfish had to be cooked.

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 Quoting: Icebear

Tell that to an Eskimo or Native American, better yet the Pygmy's.

Have you hear of steak tartar? How about sushi? Jerky?

Dumbest post ever.
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