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Message Subject Survey finds that 25% of Americans not only don't vegetables but have never eaten vegetables
Poster Handle XeroGravity
Post Content
Good grief, the amount of eugenic propaganda in this thread is disturbing.

Listen up young people. I'm 48 but look to be in my late 30s. In 30 years I've only ever once been sick (a bout with the flu). I'm in ok shape, but getting in great shape (several years of office work made me lose my athletic edge). Everyone in my family (except myself) are/were in the medical profession. Here is our collective wisdom for healthy diet:

Vegetables: Humans did NOT evolve as carnivores. Our mandibles (i.e. jaw & teeth) are those of vegetable eating mammals. The staples of my diet are broccoli (the bread of life), & raw spinach salad (a little Caesar dressing for flavor, or whatever you prefer). That's the basis of my diet. No GMO. Only organic, pesticide-free, pure & natural.

I supplement with nuts, berries, & an occasional piece of fruit, and chicken here & there. I try to avoid beef, but I do allow myself the occasional tryst with unhealthy food. I also do a full regimen of health supplements, however I use a fraction of the recommended daily dosages. They over-recommend how much you should take across the board imo.

Water: 30 years I've drank only distilled water. I hear the eugenics psychopaths are claiming distilled water kills you. Bullshit. I'm living proof that's a lie. Stay hydrated always.

Oxygen: Learn to breath properly. Oxygenate the body. Get the book "Flood Your Body With Oxygen" by Ed McCabe. Worth it's weight in gold. Yoga & deep breathing are a big help.

Sleep: Avoid food & water 5 hours before bed time. Sleep in total darkness & total quiet if you can manage it. Solid sleep is a game changer. Melatonin supplement before bed is a must.

Digestion: Yep, gut bacteria is crucial to proper assimilation of nutrients. I eat a small amount daily of kimchi, sauerkraut, & yogurt. Also pro-biotic supplements, BUT, those are largely inert. Open a capsule, put into a jar with water & pickled carrots (or whatever), allow the probiotic bacteria to colonize, & have at it.

Final note: Go read books by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton or listen to his talks on youtube. He's from the early part of the 20th century, but he was the 1st major advocate for raw organic foods (& the best). Promotes fasting also.
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