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Message Subject Survey finds that 25% of Americans not only don't vegetables but have never eaten vegetables
Poster Handle Archaic Smile
Post Content
I knew a guy who never ate a vegetable in his life since childhood, or so he claimed. The guy was skinny as a stick, ate nothing but junk food for all I know and was a hell of a worker. Kinda off though..

To each their own. Everyone is different. We are a subject of our environment. America is bombarded with b.s. food ads that promote things that are not healthy, this enters the subconscious mind, and people wonder why they are unhealthy or fat 10 years later.

I eat a mixed/balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meats and everything inbetween. I avoid sugars and as much processed food as possible. The key to being healthy is trying to eat right as best you can, exercise, and sleep. If you are key on all these aspects your mental health will also be benefited.
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