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Message Subject Men are dumb
Poster Handle Foresight
Post Content
If machines had emotions, women would be able to fix them.

That's what makes men dumb.
 Quoting: Baldrick

How come women can't fix their own fucked up emotions ????
 Quoting: Foresight

That's a male perspective.

Women's emotions are not to be fixed. They are to be tolerated.

Make appropriate noises. Offer non commital, subjective statements.

Then go to the garage and fix something. With beer.
 Quoting: Baldrick

Tolerated can only last for so long . Then it's a just a stupid woman asking , wanting help for their short comings and obvious lack of brain power . Garage and beer helps the man [ when he's pissed enough ] to say sorry bitch , you are just a sorry sad piece of stupid shit , go fuck yourself !!
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