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Message Subject Men are horrible, no wonder society is against them
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Men use love to get sex (women use sex to get love)

Men abandon their children their own flesh and blood (in some cases would rather raise another man's kids than his own)

Make up the majority of rapists, pedophiles, criminals, etc.

Men will fake entire relationships with no remorse (women fake orgasms to please their man)

You expect a woman to be faithful but are out there cheating with 3 hoes and are controlling as fuck too.

You expect a woman to be a perfect virgin with a perfect vagina but you yourselves are ran through and nasty.

90% of men are useless. Honestly I'm no lesbian But I'm just telling it how it is. Most of you don't even give a fuck about your own children or wife.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47655342

Its females faults to pick this kind of men because ....

they look for the money ....

the car
the house
the large dick
the tonging
and the lies !

get a horse ! tounge
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