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Message Subject Men are horrible, no wonder society is against them
Poster Handle Rock Hard
Post Content
Ohh shut the fuck up fatty.

It is obvious you are a liber pussy hat wearing scumbag liberal, everything you just said can be proven to include woman, in fact woman use sex to trap men, to have babies so they can suck off the government.

So many more woman are scumbags then men, just look at instagram and see all of the "Models", dont know how many pay snapchats I get all the time from woman looking for a sugar daddies or someone to pay them to see what you can see for free on the internet.

Its woman who have put more men in jail with false accusations of rape then any man ever has.

you think woman are saints, oh god just look at the march of wales during the me too movement, full of man hating scumbag pigs.

So why dont you be a good little girl and go back to the drawing board and do some better research every stat you gave for man include woman too, in equal numbers if not greater, just look at all the "WOMAN" teachers these days getting busted for sexing up a kid, I promise you the number is greater than mans.

so why dont you just make us a sandwich and be quiet.
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