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Message Subject The US Space Program is absolutely nothing what they officially say it is
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Apparently even within our solar system itself aliens exist, some of which are on the moon, and your government knows about this.
 Quoting: Q8t2K

My opinion only...
our government didn't spend money on a space program, why bother? Aliens have kept us informed on the universe, free of charge.
You know the saying, "if you see it with your own eyes, you believe it". I saw a group of orbs years ago, and they were traveling at great speeds, going in all directions impossible with our technology. The existence is real and obviously they are not violent. This was 43 years ago. Why do you think we've advanced so much, we had help. These "aliens" have observed us for centuries. I wonder sometimes if we are a species they created, and brought us from Mars. Our species had to find another planet to live on. Earth. But, why would they want to design a species. For what purpose. Gawd knows, we've been interesting. :)
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