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Message Subject Really??? Hillary: Maybe We Need ‘Rematch’ with Me and Trump, ‘I Can Beat Him Again’
Poster Handle CSnow
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Donald J. Trump

Crooked Hillary should try it again!

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Donald Trump Jr.
· 1h
Ahhhh good times. Happy third anniversary to one of the great comebacks of all time.
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9:10 AM · Oct 9, 2019

 Quoting: The Natural One

 Quoting: The Natural One

They're trolling one another.

The gloves have to come off after decades of people of the left - includng the Hillarys/Baracks and CNNs of society - being so tricky, sneaky, arrogant and unethical about their left-leaning behavior.

That is what has put up one step away from being a nationwide version of the city of San Francisco combined with a bit of Orwellian-EU Europe, Orwellian PRC China, chopped-off-human-heads Mexico and misery-laden ultra-liberal Venezuela.

No thanks, liberals/leftists/progressives. I prefer a people and place that are decent, civilized and humane.

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