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Message Subject 2019 Home Gardener's Summary/Results
Poster Handle Gone for Good
Post Content
Recently moved to the country so this was the first year of my new garden. First year gardens are rarely good. But I had plenty of fresh eating for one person and put a few things up in the freezer.

Moved an hour south of Memphis and have encountered a new bug. Leaf -footed type of flying stink bug. Doesn’t do a whole lot of damage but oh my is it annoying flying all around your head as you’re in the garden. Also had so many horn worms on the tomato plants that they basically ate them to nothing. I even bought a black flashlight off Amazon so that I could find more of the little critters at night and pull them off. I finally just gave up. We also have fire ants here, everywhere! There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t get bit.

I really can’t comprehend people who say when the food in the stores goes away they’ll just grow a garden. It takes years to grow a good garden and build good soil.

I’m hopeful for next year!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33548947

And sheeple think that good food is as easy as a visit to Kroger. Stink/squash bugs were epidemic all over, and I ALWAYS check every tomato and pepper plant EVERY Morning for those damned horn worms. If they have those white eggs on them I move them far off, as they are predatory wasp eggs and should be allowed to hatch. They also shrivel up the horn worm.
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